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Sno Title Author Name ISBN Download
1 Experimental Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Dr. Asif Husain 978-81-931973-0-1
2 Practical Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques Dr. Asif Husain 978-81-931973-1-8
3 Engineering Chemistry Dr. Hema Ramesh 978-81-931973-4-9
4 Environmental Science Dr. Hema Ramesh 978-81-931973-5-6
5 Production of Alkaline Protease by Streptomyces Indicus Dr. M.GURAVAIAH 978-81-931973-8-7
6 Secondary Metabolites Dr. Preethi Kathirvel 978-81-932645-1-5
7 Zebrafish - A model organism for regeneration studies Dr.M.Syed Ali, Dr.V.Anuradha, Dr.N.Yogananth 978-81-932645-3-9
8 Novel Non Thermal Processing of Foods V.Dhineshkumar D.Ramasamy J. Jerish Joyner 978-81-932645-0-8
9 MDR Enterobacteriace – Lactose fermentor from Clinical Samples Dr. Ramakrishna,Dr.Jaishanker Pillai H P, Dr. Selvam Arjunan 978-81-932645-5-3
10 Concise Textbook of Dermatophytes and Diseases Dr R.Venkatajothi 978-81-932645-4-6
11 Practical Textbook of Medical Microbiology for Medical and Dental Students Dr R.Venkatajothi 978-81-932645-6-0
12 Review of Sexually transmitted diseases for Medical and Dental Students Dr R.Venkatajothi 978-81-932645-8-4
13 Concise Textbook of Bacteriology Dr R.Venkatajothi 978-81-932645-9-1
Sno Title Author Name ISBN Download
1 Biodiversity and Biotechnological potentials of fungi from Muthupet Mangroves, Tamil Nadu, India Dr. T. Sivakumar 978-81-931973-2-5
2 Microbial Ecology of Bat Guano and it’s Impact on Associated Ecosystems Dr. Chandrakant M. Bharambe 978-81-931973-7-0
Sno Title College/Institution ISBN Download
1 “NEOTERIC TACTICS IN MICROBIAL ERA” –7th Jan 2016" Department of Microbiology, Shanmuga Industries Arts & Science College, Thiruvannamalai - 606 601, Tamil Nadu, India 978-81-931973-3-2
2 “Emerging Trends in Management of Infectious Diseases & Public Health” – ETMIDPH 2016” Feb, 04-05, 2016 Department of Biotechnology, Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Chennai -119, Tamil Nadu, India 978-81-931973-6-3
3 National seminar on “Marine Resources – NSMR’16 – 3rd &4th March 2016. Department of Zoology, The M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli -627010. Tamil Nadu, India. 978-81-931973-9-4
4 National Conference on Modern Perspectives and Strategies in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation IQAC, The Madurai Diraviyam, Thayumanavar Hindu College, Tirunelveli – 627 010. Tamil Nadu, India 978-81-932645-2-2
5 International Seminar cum Workshop on Applications of Bioinformatics in Lifescience Research Department of Microbiology Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women (Autonomous), Chennai – 600 018 978-81-932645-7-7
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